Wednesday, July 14, 2010

what you waiting for

What You Waiting For Lyrics

baby i never seen someone with your body
you make me want get this party started
hey baby comein tell me what this all
baby baby
tell me what you what you waiting for

[mizz nina]
baby i never seen someone with your body
you make me wanna get a little notty
hey baby come in get it it's all yours
baby baby
tell me what you what you waiting for

its your birthday
so tell me what's you want it too

[mizz nina]
its my birthday
im really wanna get with you

drop the beat now and may be we can get it started

[mizz nina]
will go insane and take you to the after party

so what's your name hey baby what's your name oh yeah

[mizz nina]
sexys my name yea sexys my name

ok and whats your game hey baby what's your game
[mizz nina]
ok i like to play..i ..i like to play

baby i never seen someone with your body
you make me want get this party started
hey baby comein tell me what this all
baby baby
tell me what you what you waiting for

[mizz nina]
baby i never seen someone with your body
you make me wanna get a little notty
hey baby come in get it it's all yours
baby baby
tell me what you what you waiting for

hey sexy girl from kuala lumpur
[mizz nina]
hey baby that's me i'll be on the dance floor

i got you with surprise we pop in up in VIP
[mizz nina]
and if i ask nice can i take you home with me

baby let's get crazy come and loose control
you want to tear up after party
i know you wants some more
i wanna see you with that body ???

baby come and get it
what you what you waiting for

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Practically those who know me, whether in
high school or uni
knows that i am afraid of some stuff.

yet some doesn't mean all stuff.
some of my friends assume i am afraid of
things which i am not afraid of.

to be frank, everyone as a phobia
of some sort.

well, some people may be known to have overcome
theirs but not me.
i have my own set of phobias
which i cant overcome.
but that is just me.
live with it.
if you find it bothering you,
then quit knowing.

just now, i replied someone about
some ants on my table.

just because i said fricking....
they assume i am afraid of it.


the line was
" there are lots of fricking ants on my table"
the reply was

"......... dont have to shout or afraid of it"


therefore, in order to make everyone
life better, i came out a list of all the things which i
am afraid of:

1. heights
2. bees
3. cockroaches
4. tickles
5. sound of metal scraping

see.. only 5...
just dont have to assume that
i am afraid of everything just because
i reveal some of my phobias.

dammit.... pissed

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It is 3 in the morning

It is 3 in the morning. i should get some sleep now
because i am going to uni early in the morning tomorrow.
the thing is that i am sitting alone in the living
room with ron's laptop trying to finish up my assignment which
i thought i could have finish today.
i am sleepy and hungry. should i make coffee which
i know could not help much and munch on
crackers when i crave for a big mac.
source of the problem.
ok... resolution..
tomorrow, go tiscra at 9 and try and finish up the
evolution part and continue with the
genetic modification.
then i try and get started with the graphs and discussion part
of the biochemistry report.
after that, might go to gym for a while
while waiting for the rombongan for brogging.
after that, temankan jess to ccf at campus.
then.... at night to tesco in search of ingredients for pangeelapong
bbq party.
strictly no booze allowed XD.
sleepy dammit..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have officially moved in to tts with ron and kian min.
i have met with my roommate nelson.

he quite a cool guy to live with.
sometimes quiet.
but can be quite chatty when initiated.

the house is quite clean in the sense that the rubbish stays in the
kitchen and the living room is still livable.

right now, the house is warming up for a long night drinking
session. ah, i might drink but not excessively.

still, i have yet to really start on festo's assignment.
i only have a part of the overall info on chickpea domestication.

with the house depravity of internet connection, i cant do much but to
study my notes.

i want to take the opportunity to thank
kian min, ronald and yi chen, my "housemate"
for their transportation and help they gave me :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

All American Rejects Concert 31st October 2009

Its the 2nd week of uni and i am starting to feel a little lethargic.
usually my classes starts at 10 so i try and grab some wink time
at carmen's room.

anyways, just to let you all know, i joined the ace club and the Frisbee club.
i was persuaded by jess and stef to join both clubs but
i will definitely commit more towards Frisbee club.

you must be wondering why a non committed kenneth would
want to commit towards this particular club.

the reason would be because this club is fricking cool.
i get to learn how to throw a frisbee.

fyi, frisbee isn't just for human and dogs.
in fact, i got to know that this sports are some what similiar
with american football and netball.

cool right.
i learned a few techniques.
a few in like 2 techniques.

i will try and improve on my skills and
hopefully able to play well :)

everyone have misunderstanding with everyone else.
there is no one which is able to remain his or her cool
all the time.

over time, the anger bomb will exploded leaving nothing
but a broken friendship or a scarred heart.

so as being friends of you friends, it is best to know their pet peeves.
a happy go lucky person do have their weak points as well.

For me, i do have a few pet peeves as well.
1) i hate bossiness.
- i cant stand it if someone who thinks highly of him or
herself starts to treat
others below them badly.

2) i am not multilingual so i kinda hate it if someone talks strange languages
in the middle of the conversation

so far i identified these 2 pet peeves, trying to find out more out of myself.

while typing out this blog, jess called me.
she got the tickets for me to go to


Thanks jess :)
may you get good karma XD

omg i am so excited

Sunday, October 4, 2009


The other day, i went for the panasonic exhibition in mv.

the main purpose of the exhibition is to promote eco friendly products of
panasonic to the public.

being a science student == i could not help but be fascinated by the sheer
genius of some of the products.

there is the energy saving air conditioner and the water saving washing machine.

the interesting one is the washing machine one.
i forgot what the promoter was explaining because i was
busy admiring the model...
not the promoter model but the washing machine model.

you the bin in which you place all your dirty laundries?
well, according to panasonic, a little tilt of a few degrees can help to
save donno how many liters of water....

amazing whore?

then i went and look around the other parts of the exhibition.
there was this lcd plasma which is so tough that you could slam a steel ball into
the screen and nothing is broken

they even let you try to hit it with a steel ball...
and seriously, that thing works....

the screen remains intact...

then, there is this super canggih machine which you write something
on a postcard, let the computer scan it and the next moment, your
message appears on the big giant lcd screen for everyone to see.

the message i wrote was how to save the planet resources.

i explain it through a series of drawing.

it started with a pooping cow...
the poop releases CH4...
then that CH4 could be collected and made into electrical energy...
to light up bulbs :)

smart eh.....

i got a shirt and a bag for my ingenious idea :)

Mottaini in japanese means what a waste when something of value (useful) is being wasted
or used without care.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today is screetday and it was screeting tiring.
one must wonder why....

we had a long screeting lecture from 9 till 12 on genetics.
then we decided to have a foundation party at kian min's house
at tts.

but we have to get those screeting food first from semenyih tesco.
so kian min and ivan drove to tesco.

kian min went with eeleen and carmen to get kfc
whereas me ivan stef joan and shingzzzz
went and get snacks.

jess went and brought monopoly to the house first.
it was almost 2 when we started eating.

after eating, joan and eeleen had to leave.
i think because they are discussing about australia universities.

we played monopoly and i got the cheap screet...
because most of my properties are screeting cheap ==

stefgot the most expensive screet but she made a deal
with kian min in order to obtain that screet....

kian min have the right of passing through her screet without
paying for the entire game.,...

ah screet it.....

anyways, i wanted to take the bus back to kajang.
so i waited outside kian min's house at 5.23.
while we are waiting, we amused out screeting minds with

screetingly, screetling is the best screets evar..
it trains your balancing and eyesights...

if i screetled during my early years, i would not be wearing these
2 inch screetacles.... ah just screet it..

either way, i waited for almost an eternity when the bus screeted to a halt at tts 4.
i boarded on the bus and it was packed like sreetdins in a tin.

i was forced to stand on that screeting bus --
then the stupid dumb driver did not tell me that
i cant stand so we started our journey to ktm station.

5 minutes later, that screeting driver asked me to go down
and wait for another screeting bus --

i was like what the fuck la.
in the middle of nowhere...
stupid dumb driver..

go ask your wife to go down a bus in the middle of nowhere
la... see if the got raped anot fucker...

darn retarded mother fucker....

so i had to not create a commotion because
there were other lucky passengers who did not get their
ass kicked out of a fucking bus because they get nice comfy seats
under the the ac --

either way, i started my journey back to kian min;s house and when i was
a few miles away, i saw another bus coming towards my direction.

i quickly ran across the road to hail that bus la.
mother, the bus just pass by me.... fucker la that guy.

somore that malay guy gave me that retarded face
which says, go fuck you self and dont try and board my bus...

but i did not know it at that time.
i went and thought
"oh that was such a sweet guy, wanting to make a u turn so
i can get on the bus at the other side of the road."

well that could happen in my dream but what really happened was

the bus came and started slowing down at my direction.
i was so happy that i started waving my hand like
some retard stranded on an uncharted carribean island
with nothing but a loin cloth wrapped around my head lol.

then when the bus was about to stop, it went over a bump and
sped on ---

i was again...

i saw the bus going on it's journey and stopping what
seems like a few km away from me....

then i did my super athletic sprint
which only an illegal immigrant who is running across
country borders could manage...

my adrenalin was pumping and
my muscles were aching yet i
continued my marathon...

with just a few meters away from the bus door,
the bus's exhaust pipe blew a puff of carbon monoxide
and continued it's way to kajang --

i stood there speechless as crows
passed by my head cawing
"screet, screet, screet"